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Summer is on the way: Avoid a Heat Pump That Leaves You Hot and Bothered

There is a real financial risk on investment should you make the wrong heat pump choice.
Wilson Mechanical Spotlight photo_May 2021
Wilsons Mechanical is invested in maintaining a trusting and transparent relationship with each customer

While the internet affords you the opportunity to do your own research, invariably you may feel less than certain when making big purchases.  The heat pump market is bigger than ever and as such, you have much to learn before proceeding. 

Imagine the nightmare of a poorly installed heat pump which does not offer enough coverage for your home. What happens then? There is a real financial risk on investment should you make the wrong heat pump choice.  No one wants to spend money on a lukewarm experience!

Wilsons Mechanical and their team focus on your home’s design and the results you want. It is important to have your questions answered, such as what is the difference between ducted and ductless?  How many BTUs are needed to provide the climate comfort and energy savings you desire?   Wilsons Mechanical will guide you through choosing which unit, brand and features will suit your home best.

However, your heat pump preference involves more than price, brand or features. Wilsons Mechanical understands your choice of contractor is an essential element in the decision-making process.

“Almost anybody can sell you a heat pump but the heat pump, you know, it’s only as good as the technician who put it in.” James Reid, Comfort Specialist, Wilsons Mechanical.  With your decision to add a heat pump, your research should include sourcing an experienced installation team.

Wilsons Mechanical has a strong team of 16 experienced technicians, all of whom retain a compulsory certification in the Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning trade, Gas trade, or Sheet Metal trade.  This team of technicians are highly skilled and a cognizant of both your investment and your trust that the installation will be seamless.  James elaborates, “It’s their attention to detail. Our team always gets complimented on how clean the job is and how much they actually care for the customer’s house while they are in their house.” 

Once your heat pump is installed, you are going to have certain expectations.  You will expect to enjoy the climate comfort you desire.  Also, should you ever have concerns, you will expect the company is still around to provide service and reassurances.  Professional, reliable and securely positioned in the heat pump market, Wilsons Mechanical is invested in maintaining a trusting and transparent relationship with each customer.  From the first moment you reach out, Wilsons Mechanical ensures your satisfaction through the installation process and later with routine maintenance. 

While it is clear there is much to consider, one valuable way to assess how a company will treat you is how they treat their employees.

“We are 100 percent Atlantic owned and operated. The Wilson family really cares for the employees as well. I love working here. You couldn’t ask for a better employer, really.” Reid speaks with the experience a decade in the industry brings, “They don’t treat you like a number. For being such a big company, I have worked for big companies before and they (Wilsons) care about basically your well being. That you are happy working here. Like I said, you are not just a number to them right, they really treat us good. You are almost like family.”

A family name should inspire trust and confidence. After all, it is the way Nova Scotians like to do business and Wilsons Mechanical operates by the code every day with each and every customer.

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