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Check on your heat pump lately?

With the heat and humidity heavy days of summer upon us, you will be relying on that heat pump daily.

At this point, can you even remember life before your heat pump? With the heat and humidity heavy days of summer upon us, you will be relying on that heat pump daily. From your family’s comfort to keeping your companion animals cool to entertaining guests, you will be expecting your heat pump to create a pleasant indoor climate.

For these reasons and more, regular maintenance is essential. Wilsons Mechanical manager Mark Gillis explains, “We like to call it preventative maintenance. We do it yearly to ensure the system does not breakdown and also to make sure it is working as the manufacturer intended which would benefit you in the efficiency of the unit and ultimately your power bill.”


Given the world we live in now, there is much more to what a heat pump offers than temperature alone. Wilsons Mechanical recognizes how air quality is a key element of the function of every heat pump.  Gillis addresses this concern, “Obviously, we have products that clean the air as well as heating and cooling the air. Two of the manufacturers we work with have testing which has proven to kill 99% of COVID, which is great in residential and commercial settings.”

Clearly, routine heat pump maintenance makes sense but with what frequency? Gillis breaks it down, “Most manufacturers are recommending once a year. We do offer twice a year. Really, the environment of the home, how many people, pets, how often they're being used, if they're being used correctly… there are a lot of variables. I would say most of the time you would be fine with once a year.” Gillis adds, “Typically cost-wise, before the heating season because if it isn't working correctly you would see that on your power bill. There are customers that want us to come out before the summer to make sure that it is working and they're not going to have any issues before the summer and they also have us coming out before the winter. “


The Wilsons Mechanical team of certified technicians are trained to service all brands and all models and are highly regarded for their professionalism.  With that said, how much time will a maintenance appointment require? Gillis answers, “Because there's so many different styles of heat pumps; anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half. But typically, on a regular maintenance visit you're looking at 45 minutes to an hour. Our technicians are highly trained, they follow a very rigorous checklist that verifies the capacity of the unit as well as regular cleaning of drain pans, filters and coils.”


Even if you feel your heat pump is working perfectly fine, there is another very important reason why you should have routine maintenance. Mark Gillis cautions, “… not only to protect your investment but some manufacturers also require proof of maintenance for warranty purposes.”

Wilsons Mechanical is equipped to maintain your heat pump and much more. Gillis offers, “Under our roof we do have quite a few different trades. So, it's kind of a one stop shop. We have everything to take care of your heating, your plumbing, your air conditioning, your ventilation. Just give us a call and we will make it happen.”

Nova Scotians prefer to shop local, require value for their dollar and exercise brand loyalty.  Wilsons Mechanical is a local company whose employees not only service the communities they live in but are consumers as well. Their employees keenly understand what their customers require and passionately deliver results every time.

To learn more about Heat Pump maintenance and the dedicated Wilsons Mechanical team visit here

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