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The Ville Caffeine Bar serves all your coffee needs

'We’re here to revitalize you, we want you to come in, have a laugh, get your caffeine and feel better when you walk out the door,' said owner Jenna Oosterholt
Jenna Oosterholt, owner of The Ville Caffeine Bar, with her mug.

The Ville Caffeine Bar is the latest place to get your coffee fix. 

Located at 5146 Sackville St., The Ville offers baked goods, sandwiches, coffee and espresso in the downtown core. 

Jenna Oosterholt, owner of The Ville, is this week’s midweek mugging recipient.

“It’s definitely a fun loving atmosphere with lots of energy,” Oosterholt said. “We’re here to revitalize you, we want you to come in, have a laugh, get your caffeine and feel better when you walk out the door.”

Along with its usual coffee roasts, The Ville also features what Oosterholt calls the “rotating bean”—a unique or outrageous roast you typically can’t find in Halifax, changing every four to six weeks. 

The current bean is called shock coffee, with fifty per cent more caffeine than an average cup. Oosterholt said the roast was so popular the first time they tried it, she brought it back again.

“Especially being in the downtown core with all the offices around, we’re serving people who work those really long hours, so even at four o’ clock they come in and want to be more caffeinated,” she said.

Oosterholt said one of her favourite things about being at The Ville every day is meeting all the different people who come in, which tends to be a mix of office workers and tourists coming up from the boardwalk.

“I love people, I love talking to people,” she said. “Talking to a hundred and fifty people a day is really fun for me.”

When it came to a food menu, Oosterholt said she knew she wanted to keep things "simple and fresh." All sandwiches at the cafe are made in house, with numerous meat-free options. One of the most popular orders is the vegan clubhouse sandwich.

“I wanted to do really fresh, so made to order, accommodating to any sort of allergies or dietary restrictions,” Oosterholt said.

Along with sandwiches, the cafe also offers a mouth-watering variety of baked goods and treats from Buttered Bliss, including croissants, scones, gourmet doughnuts and “cinnamuffin rolls,” a mix of cinnamon buns and muffins in one.

“Her stuff is very unique and so good, it’s fresh, you can taste it and you can tell,” Oosterholt said.

Oosterholt, who studied commerce at university, had been working and managing in restaurants for years before deciding it was time to start something of her own.

“I love being on my feet, I love people, I love working with my hands, I’m obviously obsessed with coffee as well,” she said. “I just wanted to do something I knew I could manage on my own and feel passionate about.”


Nicole Bayes-Fleming

About the Author: Nicole Bayes-Fleming

Nicole Bayes-Fleming is a freelance reporter and digital editor based in Halifax. She graduated from Carleton University in 2017.
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