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Coffeeology Espresso Co. embraces coffee culture

Located in a cozy space at 1587 Dresden Row, Coffeeology Espresso Co. serves up coffee, espresso and baked goods to the downtown crowd
Kay Kim, owner of Coffeeology Espresso Co, with his mug.

Kay Kim is on a mission to make more people love pour-over coffee.

“Pour-over coffee is really common in Korea, so the first time I was here it was a little bit of a shock,” he said. “I really wanted to bring that coffee culture here.”

Kim is the owner of Coffeeology Espresso Co, and this week’s midweek mugging recipient.

Located in a cozy space at 1587 Dresden Row, Coffeeology serves up coffee, espresso and baked goods to the downtown crowd. 

Familiar drinks like cappuccinos are the most popular, Kim said, but his signature is the pour-over. 

“Pour-over coffee is way more fresh, more consistency,” Kim said. “I can adjust literally everything like temperature, pouring skills, everything. It takes more time, but you definitely get a way better quality of cup of coffee.”

Unlike drip coffee from a machine, pour-over coffee is done by hand and can be tailored to each individual’s tastes. Brewing a cup takes about three to five minutes, Kim said. 

“I like to explain the difference is like soup,” he said. “Where regular, drip coffee is like pre-made soup, and pour over coffee is fresh soup.”

A coffee-lover himself, Kim worked at three different coffee shops throughout the city before deciding the time was right to start his own place.

“Coffee culture here has been going up completely,” he said. “So I thought, ok it’s time to move on and make people know about coffee more.”

Along with introducing more people to quality coffee, Kim hopes to build a community amongst the visitors to his cafe. 

“I can make this space with my customers, what it looks like and what it will be like, and build that up,” he said. 

To that end, coffeeology is dog-friendly. A cyclist himself, he offers a discount to those who ride their bike to the cafe, as well as to students and those who bring a reusable mug.

“My favourite thing is chatting about the coffee with my customers,” he said. “I can do that any time I want.”


Nicole Bayes-Fleming

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