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Alexa Pope makes exclusive brands easier to access

The store carries sought-after brands such as Tiger Mist and Quay sunglasses from Australia, and Criminal Damage from the United Kingdom
Co-owners Marianne Thomson (left) and Lauren Wambolt with their mug.

For pieces you can’t find anywhere else in Canada, look no further than Alexa Pope.

Located at 1477 Lower Water St., the store offers women’s clothing, swimwear and accessories, specializing in brands that are often difficult to come by in local stores.

Co-owners Marianne Thomson and Lauren Wambolt are this week’s midweek mugging recipients.

“The whole premise of Alexa Pope is to have these number one pieces that no one else carries,” Thomson said.

“Something that’s from a different country, and it might be an annoyance to order if its from an American website or an Australian website,” Wambolt added.

The store carries sought-after brands such as Tiger Mist and Quay sunglasses from Australia, and Criminal Damage from the United Kingdom.

It also has unique pieces from more well-known brands, such as Adidas’s collaboration with Kylie Jenner.

“Our brand is a mix of two different styles,” Thomson said. “We always say we’re equal parts sneaker and stiletto.”

Alexa Pope began as an online boutique where Canadian shoppers could avoid the heavy shipping fees and duties that come with ordering from abroad. The idea was inspired by Thomson’s own experience with online shopping.

“I was an avid online shopper years and years ago, before the whole wave came,” she said. “But I always found that I hated getting stuck with duties, and all these other things.”

With Thomson’s experience in fashion management and Wambolt’s creative background, the two were able to establish an online following, and opened a bricks-and-mortar location nearly two years after the website first launched.

Wambolt said seeing their business grow from the ground up has been extremely gratifying.

“We’re the ones that are creating the hype,” she said. “Any success that we do see, we know that we’re the one that created it.”

While Alexa Pope appeals largely to the university-age crowd, both women agree their store is open to all and their pieces are always changing.

“We’re bringing in some more elevated dresses, and we are trying to target a more mature audience,” Thomson said.

“We would love to carry more, too,” Wambolt said. “We would love to have shoes and we would love to have more dressier dresses and a wider size range. We’re working towards it.”

Thomson said one of her favourite things about the store is helping customers find that perfect outfit for an upcoming trip or celebration.

“I know it sounds cliche, but I really do get satisfaction from people coming in here, and coming out with something they feel really special in,” she said.


Nicole Bayes-Fleming

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Nicole Bayes-Fleming is a freelance reporter and digital editor based in Halifax. She graduated from Carleton University in 2017.
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