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The Christmas gift that keeps on giving : Office's poinsettia plant still thriving in September

NEWS 95.7's Weekend Gardener Niki Jabbour said, in the right conditions, poinsettias can last for years indoors
The poinsettia given to staff at McInnes Cooper's Halifax office is still going strong in September (Photo courtesy of Lynn Wagner @QueenoftheBB/Twitter)

With files from Shelli Summers

It's a Christmas plant that's been around so long that it's been decorated for Valentine's Day and Canada Day.

Now staff at McInnes Cooper's Halifax office are trying to decide what Halloween costume would work best for the poinsettia they received as a gift last December.

"We were figuring after Christmas the red leaves will die off and we'll just get rid of the plant," said mobile device specialist Lynn Wagner. "But the red leaves never died off and there's a lot of brand new growth."

She said they're not doing anything special to keep it alive.

"I've given it probably a litre of water at the start of the week and part of another litre of water at the end of the week ... I've topped it up with soil once, but that's it."

They also keep it out of direct sunlight. Wagner said at one point they moved it closer to a window, but the leaves started falling off.

NEWS 95.7's Weekend Gardener Niki Jabbour said, in the right conditions, poinsettias can last for years indoors.

If employees want to make sure it sees another Christmas, she recommends staff give it 20-20-20 all purpose fertilizer every month, and maybe move it to a bigger pot with fresh soil.

Wagner thinks if keeps growing it could turn into a tree. Jabbour said that would require more fertilizer and an even bigger pot.

The plant is kept in an office gathering spot where it has been a part of birthday and anniversary celebrations.

"The plant makes us smile ... it makes me happy to think we've kept the plant going almost for a year so we won't need another poinsettia this year," said Wagner. "This one is doing well."


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