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Strang hopes people will embrace mandatory masks

Nova Scotia's chief medical officer of health says mandatory masks are aimed at minimizing the impacts of a second wave of COVID-19

Most indoor spaces with a common area will now require a non-medical face covering as the province's indoor mandatory mask rule takes effect.

Everywhere from restaurants to nail salons to places of worship fall under the province's latest COVID-19 directive.

As Nova Scotia's chief medical officer of health has stated, mandatory masks are aimed at minimizing the impacts of a second wave of the virus.

Dr. Robert Strang says he hopes the new rule will gain in popularity. He told NEWS 95.7's The Sheldon MacLeod Show that he hopes enforcement will be unnecessary.

"In a very fundamental way, why does it require enforcement and policing to have people do things that is the right thing to do to keep other people safe?" said Strang.

"I firmly believe that the majority of Nova Scotians - when they understand that them wearing a mask in an indoor public place is about protecting other people and that if we all do that, if we are all keeping each other safe, I firmly believe most Nova Scotians will do that and that we don't need to take a strong enforcement approach."

Nova Scotia's Minister of Health and Wellness agrees with Strang. Faced with questions about mask enforcement following Thursday's cabinet meeting, Randy Delorey insisted he has faith in Nova Scotians and that the responsibility for wearing masks lies with residents.

"The burden falls to each and every one of us as Nova Scotians and those who may be visiting our province to adhere to every piece of legislation and the regulations that we have in place as a province and that includes our public health order," said Delorey.

"It's our responsibility before we walk into a public space to bring a mask with us, to don that mask - again, to protect others."

The new mandatory mask rule will not apply to children under 2 or those with valid medical reasons.

People are asked to use their own masks. Government will help with initial supplies of masks for people who cannot bring their own.

For a list of indoor areas under the mandate, visit the province's website at


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