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'Something to smile about' : Halifax oral care company gets funding for 'breakthrough' product

IR Scientific Inc.'s Sensi-IP provides relief to those with sensitive teeth
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A Halifax-based company is getting a $500,000 repayable contribution through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) to move forward with a new product that provides relief to those with sensitive teeth.

IR Scientific Inc. chief scientist, Dr. Daniel Boyd said Sensi-IP can be added to toothpaste, oral rinses, mouthwash or tooth varnish, and it completely degrades in water after use.

"It's a breakthrough technology that's engineered to treat the pain associated with dentin hypersensitivity by doing something cool," he explained at the Wednesday morning announcement.

"It encourages the body to unlock it's own power of self-repair and regeneration to treat the pain associated with sensitive teeth, and it does it through the simple act of two minutes of brushing in the morning, and two minutes of brushing in the evening."

Dr. Boyd says three out of four people experience pain from sensitive teeth, which has an impact on quality of life.

"Sensi-IP is a new and unique piece of chemistry never discovered before," he said. "It's a powder. If I handed you some right now, it would feel like baking flour."

"It's particles are just the right size to block the tubules that are associated with sensitivity pain, and they're just the right size to deliver the right amount of therapeutic agents into your mouth to improve your oral health."

Halifax MP Andy Fillmore announced the funding and said multinational companies have already shown interest in Sensi-IP.

"The product is working to transform traditional oral health care with better solutions that will give Canadians and the world something to smile about," Fillmore said.

The ACOA funding will allow IR Scientific Inc. to attract new investors, establish production, and hire five full time employees.

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