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Save birds by taking down feeders and baths for the summer

NS Bird Society warns as deadly bird disease is reported in province
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(Stock photo of a Purple Finch perched on a feeder)

A deadly bird disease has been reported in Nova Scotia.

Now the Nova Scotia Bird Society is reminding people that the best thing they can do for birds is take down their bird feeders and birdbaths for the summer.

Reports of Trichomonosis have emerged from both Porter’s Lake and Windsor.

It’s a deadly and painful disease for birds, who will look lethargic and are easily approachable, and may look like they’re having trouble breathing, or trying to cough.

Dave Currie is with the NSBS and he tells The Sheldon MacLeod Show, birds naturally do their own form of social distancing, but bird feeders and birdbaths make them congregate.

“There really is no need for feeding birds in the summertime, there’s no biological benefit to them because there’s lots of food out there anyway,” says Curry.’

Trichomonosis first came to Nova Scotia about 12 years ago and has been here ever since, with 2018 being a particularly bad year.

And while Currie says this year has been relatively mild when it comes to outbreaks, you don’t really know how bad an outbreak is until birds start to die.

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