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Saint Mary's University student starts fundraiser for Beirut

The Beirut Explosion Relief Fund has raised over $4,000 since the Facebook page was posted in response to the tragedy
Beirut explosion - Aug. 4, 2020
Explosion at Beirut, Lebanon port on Aug. 4, 2020. (via Twitter)

A Saint Mary's University student has started a Facebook relief fund page for those impacted by the massive explosion that rocked Beirut.

The Beirut Explosion Relief Fund has raised over $4,400 since the Facebook page was posted on August 5 in response to the tragedy.

The previous day, a massive explosion sent a wave of devastation through Lebanon's capital, killing nearly 150 people and wounding thousands.

Saba says she was inspired to create the fundraiser after receiving urgent messages from family back in Lebanon immediately following the explosion.

She tells NEWS 95.7's The Sheldon MacLeod Show that although her family in Lebanon is safe, "their homes are devastated".

Feeling helpless, Saba says she decided to be "proactive" and create a fundraising platform that would ensure aid got into the right hands.

"Our government is really corrupt," said Saba of the government in Lebanon. "So there are a lot of organizations that are accepting donations although they are affiliated with the government."

Saba adds she will give her funds to the Lebanese Red Cross since it is a charitable organization that can be trusted.

"The Lebanese Red Cross is obviously a non-profit so I hope to donate the money to them so they can use it as they need and help the people," said Saba.

For a quick link to Saba's Beirut Explosion Relief Fund, click here.


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