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Premier Stephen McNeil comments on proposed CFL stadium

Provincial government is still waiting on an ask for help from Halifax council
stephen mcneil
Premier Stephen McNeil (file photo)

Tuesday afternoon Halifax council will debate a proposal to build a $190-million 24,000-seat stadium for a potential CFL franchise. Council says provincial involvement is key to their decision, and are hoping they get on board. 

The municipality is looking at Shannon Park in Dartmouth as a potential location. Concept plans have already been put forward, public consultations have happened, but the big question now is who will pay for it, and will the province help? 

Premier Stephen McNeil told News 95.7's Rick Howe that he is still waiting for an ask from council about the province's role. 

"I think any time though that a stadium of this nature is built anywhere, there is participation in a P3 (public-private-partnership) kind of model. What that looks like, we'll wait and see," he said.

"What I have said to people early on is that we would not be taking general revenue that we use to do all of the current infrastructure to put into a stadium. We would look at other revenue sources that currently don't exist."

Listen to Rick Howe's full conversation with Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil:

McNeil also said there will not be a general overall tax increase for Nova Scotians, but rather a targeted taxation on things that may relate to the stadium.

"There's been lots of float around the hotel tax and increasing that, or tax on car rentals which is something that would be borne typically by individuals coming in, and it would be targeting toward a general subset in and around a stadium," he said. 

HRM is also talking about a tax deferment plan for property taxes on development in the Shannon Park area to help cover the interest costs for the $190 million. The province would have to okay this first. 

"If council comes and talks to us we'll be open to having a conversation," said McNeil. "Not making commitments on where we would be on what they ask, but we're certainly open to have a conversation with them." 


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