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Opposition parties demand increased testing capacity as number of calls to 811 spikes

Opposition parties say the increase, and subsequent backlog is the result of sending students back to school
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The number of calls to 811 has spiked over the past few days and that has opposition parties in the province calling for improvements to Nova Scotia's COVID-19 testing system.

Progressive Conservative health care critic Colton LeBlanc believes it's related to students going back to school and adds delays in getting test results is putting a strain on parents.

PC leader Tim Houston says the government is putting people in a terrible position by forcing them to choose between missing multiple days of work to isolate, and take care of their children, or not making that call to 811.

LeBlanc adds his concerns that if there is a resurgence of cases, what will that look like for the school system, families, and the economy.

"You know, talking about testing, we've heard different stories through our constituency offices of a turn around of six or seven days from start to finish to get a COVID test, so I'm just wondering, I'm concerned," says LeBlanc.

He says there are many concerns for the wide ranging impacts.

"What's that going to look like for parents and the requirements to stay home, what's that going to look like for businesses when their workforce, although they might not be symptomatic themselves, but their children are symptomatic and in isolation," says LeBlanc. "What's the impact going to be on our economy?"

Houston also says there's no evidence testing capacity has been increased as students head back to school, adding government should be creating an incentive to call 811 if you are unsure, and that doesn't exist right now.

Houston also criticized the Liberal government for changing the symptom requirement in order to get a test for COVID-19, saying we should be testing more, not less.

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