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Open but can’t work: some in the beauty industry temporarily left behind

Spas and salons won’t offer all their services this Friday
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This Friday, some people will be venturing out to get a much needed haircut.

But not all the services one might expect at their local hairdresser or spa will be ready when business reopens later this week.

Services such as lash extensions, facials, facial hair removal, and make-up are all off the list of things that aren't allowed at the moment due to COVID-19.

But the missing services and the date of the reopening caught the industry off guard.

That’s according to Cameron Debaie, Chair of the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia, who says his industry had been pushing for a reopening date closer to the middle of the month. 

But these services represent more than simple add-ons, according to Debaie. 

He says these are skilled positions that are full time jobs, and people are missing out on getting back to work because of it.

“Our goal is to try to advocate for the industry because when we look at things like lash extensions, which is my business as well, it’s no longer an add-on, it’s an industry in it’s own,” he tells The Sheldon MacLeod Show.

Each industry was in charge of coming up with it’s own reopening plan, and Debaie says they’ve sent back amendments to the province with hopes of hearing back this week. 

But for now, the only thing people who work in those services can do, is wait.

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