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NSLC says cannabis website isn't perfect after online video shows how to bypass age verification

The 77-second video posted Wednesday shows how to code around online access cards.
nslc cannabis website
To access the NSLC Cannabis website you need to go into a store and show ID to get an access code, even if you just want to browse products.
An NSLC spokesperson says the corporation knows about a video circulating showing how to bypass the verification requirement to order cannabis online.
Consumers need an access code to properly access the website. In order to get that code, people have to go into a store and show their photo ID.
"We know what we instituted wasn't the perfect solution," says the NSLC's Bev Ware. "It was a solution we came up with in time to go live."
Ware says this doesn't mean underage Nova Scotians will have access to marijuana.
"You still have to provide valid photo ID to pick up your product," she says.
Ware says there is an element of social responsibility.
"It's like you wouldn't provide liquor to a minor, you wouldn't provide cigarettes to a minor, and it is both irresponsible and illegal to provide cannabis to a minor," she says.
Despite the website being cracked within a day of it being launched, Ware assures it's safe.
"The site is still secure and there is no connection at all to customers personal information," she says. 
The NSLC says there were nearly 13,000 transactions yesterday across the province amounting to just over $660,000 in sales. Of that, $46,700 was online.

"In the first two hours of the website being up we processed 73 orders," she says. 

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