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N.S. school boards official says Glaze report is missing 'key information'

Hank Middleton penned an open letter to both glaze and the province outlining concerns over ignored research.

The president of the Nova Scotia School Boards Association says Dr. Avis Glaze's report is missing key information.

This comes after Hank Middleton penned an open letter to both Glaze and the province.

In Middleton's response, he outlined the association's concerns with Dr. Glaze's review process, as he believes key aspects were either missing or ignored completely.

Middleton says he's taking issue with the report's exclusion of the association's research provided to Dr. Glaze and the province.

"It's been costly. We were encouraged to do so by the government," said Middleton. "Every time we had a meeting with the minister we would update them and they were happy with what we did. And Dr. Glaze saw the report, praised the committee for the report. The comment that she made was that they were ahead of the curve. No mention."

He goes on to criticize the report for leaving out work done by individual school boards in response to recommendations made by the auditor general in 2015

Middleton says that without public debate, the province will move from an educational democracy to an educational bureaucracy.


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