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Nova Scotians can now legally buy cannabis (5 photos)

Dozens of eager customers lined up at Halifax's four NSLC locations selling the now legal product, waiting for the doors to open at 10 a.m.

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation is now selling cannabis.

Dozens of eager customers lined up at Halifax's four NSLC locations selling the now legal product, waiting for the doors to open at 10 a.m.

Alicia Wright was allowed in the doors at the province's only stand-alone cannabis store on Clyde St. early to make the first purchase.

"I came in not really knowing what I was going to purchase," she told media.

Wright said she browsed through information on an tablet made available to customers at the store to help her narrow down her options.

"It asked me a couple of questions, like what I was planning on doing after I consumed and what my primary intention was for purchasing, and that narrowed down my options a little bit for me to point me in the direction of a strain that would either be relaxing, enhancing or balancing," she said.

"From there I was easily guided to a table with a variety of options."

The Crown corporation's spokesperson Beverley Ware said well over 100 employees who worked on the alcohol side of the business have transferred over to cannabis.

"That was a big commitment for them because they had to undergo five intensive days of training. A lot of them have done a lot of work on their own, their own personal research," she said.

"There's a lot of excitement, but of course there's a little anxiety and trepidation too because this is a brand new market that's opening and we really don't know the extent of the demand that's going to be there."

Ware said hosts will be on hand to help customers wade through their options.

"Give them an idea of how long they can expect to have to wait until they can make their purchase and also to provide them with some customer education information and some social responsibility information."

The NSLC will be using the same pricing strategy, structure and principles that they use for alcohol, breaking down cannabis into three categories, -- value, core and premium. 

One gram of value cannabis ranges in price from $6.33 - $8.49, core costs between $9.00 - $10.98 a gram, and premium will start at $10.99 a gram.

There will also be pre-rolls and accessories available, however there won't be seeds and cannabis oil on the store shelves Wednesday. The Crown corporation says those products will be added to the inventory when they are available from the producers.

The NSLC estimates it will have less than 40 per cent of requested quantities available due to a nationwide shortage on the production end.

Those who want to skip the crowds can order online, however before being able to make a purchase, or even browse through the site, customers will have to head to an NSLC, show identification and get an access code. Those are now available at all NSLC stores in the province, not just the ones that sell cannabis.

In the Halifax area, the NSLCs on Portland St. in Dartmouth, Joseph Howe Dr. in Halifax and Downsview Plaza in Lower Sackville, along with the stand-alone store on Clyde St., are now selling weed.

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