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Nova Scotia company turns recycled plastic into lumber products

Vice President of Goodwood Plastic Products says 80 per cent of plastics in HRM are recycled at their business
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A Nova Scotia company is taking your plastics and turning them into plastic lumber.

The majority of plastics in HRM are being recycled at Goodwood Plastic Products according to Mike Chassie who is the Vice President of Goodwood, a company whose aim is to turn our plastic waste into something useful.

He tells NEWS 95.7 we need to find more responsible ways to deal with plastic.

"We're taking an item, plastic, and we're giving it a new life, it's being manufactured into a new product that in the right applications is going to outperform your traditional lumber products," says Chassie.

He enumerates the various benefits of plastic wood.

"It's more dense, it's pure plastic, there's no filler in it, so it does weigh more, but some of the trade off is it's not going to blow off your deck, and it'll last a lifetime," explains Chassie.

He says they are really trying to give plastic a new life.

"Plastic isn't going away anywhere anytime soon, there's always going to be plastic, and what we need to do is find more responsible ways to deal with it, and how we can manage it better at its end of life, or give it a new youth," says Chassie.

According to Chassie, 80 per cent of plastics in HRM are recycled at Goodwood Plastic Products.


Chris Halef

About the Author: Chris Halef

Chris is a reporter for and NEWS 95.7. In 2018, he won the RTDNA Dave Rogers Award for best short feature.
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