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New app aims to connect young talent with experienced business professionals

Halifax Partnership is on the verge of launching a new app
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Halifax Partnership is on the verge of launching a new app.

Connector+ aims to connect newcomers, students and recent graduates with experienced business professionals in their desired fields.

"It's a networking program, so they match, they connect, the student gets free referrals," explained Halifax Partnership's Renee Levangie.

"It's about expanding their professional network, recognizing that's a great job search strategy and a tool that every student should utilize in the province."

She said the students will get a 30 minute informational meeting with the industry volunteer.

"It's an opportunity for that student to ask about the volunteer's organization, the industry, what the skills are that the employers are looking for," Levangie told NEWS 95.7's The Sheldon MacLeod Show.

"It's an opportunity for them to ask for advice and gain knowledge. Knowing more people in that industry is only going to help them as they continue their job search."

Nick Misener is a recruitment consultant at Venor and a volunteer with the program.

He believes this app is different from other networking platforms.

"It's focused on Nova Scotia and Nova Scotian talent. It's really carved out a space for newcomers to Halifax and recent graduates to stand out from the crowd, whereas I think other platforms are more focused on experienced business professionals," he explained.

Levangie added, after the initial meeting, the professional will introduce the student to three more contacts so they can go on additional informational meetings.

"It's really about exponential growth of the network, which is something that puts us apart from LinkedIn," she said. "These students are going in and they know they're getting a few meetings out of this."

"The volunteers in the program, they're excited, they want to meet youth, they want to share their knowledge and talent."

Connector+ is a free service funded by the province of Nova Scotia.

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