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Medical marijuana dispensary owner plans to move after home invasions

Chris Enns says his wife was beaten and kidnapped on February 9th when two masked and armed men broke into his East Chezzetcook home
File photo of Chris Enns, owner of Farm Assists

The owner of a Halifax medical marijuana dispensary says he and his wife are planning to move after a violent home invasion early last Friday.

The owner of Farm Assists Cannabis Resource Centre believes, because he is well-known marijuana activist within the community, he may have been targeted.

Chris Enns says his wife was beaten and kidnapped on February 9th when two masked and armed men broke into his East Chezzetcook home.

"I think they were trying to convince her to identify where one of our production sites or storage sites were, something of that nature," he told NEWS 95.7's The Rick Howe Show. "It's amazing she was able to hold herself together in that situation, I'm really proud of her."

He said he was the victim during a second home invasion a couple of weeks before.

"Myself, it was more or less an iron rod to the knee pretty aggressively, but my wife has bruising pretty much head to toe. She took the brunt of it," he said. "In both situations they had a gun with them when they broke in. I wasn't physically hit with the gun, but she was hit with the butt of that gun repeatedly."

He said, in addition to the emotional toll, his wife's rib cage is bruised to the point that coughing brings her to tears.

After a rash of break-ins a two summers ago, Enns said they no longer keep any cash or cannabis in their home, but now they're increasing security at all of their business properties and looking to move.

He believes thieves target those in the cannabis industry because they believe victims won't go to police, but he has filed a report with the RCMP.

"We're making a stand at this point," he said. "We're not afraid of reaching out to police. They're members of our community, we pay our taxes, and it's time to work together to combat this type of crime."

RCMP confirm they are investigating an assault and attempted robbery took place early Friday morning at a home on East Chezzetcook Road.

Cpl. Jennifer Clarke says two male suspects forced a victim into their own vehicle, a brown Mini Cooper.

Anyone with information is asked to contact RCMP or Halifax Regional Police at 902 490 5020.

Listen to Rick Howe's conversation with Chris Enns:

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