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'It's the respectful thing to do' : RCMP once again ask public to stop sharing photos following fatal crash

An RCMP spokesperson said members of one of the victim's families showed up at the scene after seeing a photo and recognizing one of the vehicles involved
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Imagine scrolling through your social media feed and seeing your loved one's car in a photo of a bad crash.

Halifax District RCMP are once again asking people to think twice before posting pictures of collisions on social media.

This after a fatal crash in Wellington Sunday.

A 15-year-old girl in a Ford Focus and an 87-year-old man in a Chevrolet Impala died when the vehicles crashed on Highway 2 at Abilene Avenue. Three others were taken to hospital.

An RCMP spokesperson said members of one of the victim's families showed up after someone shared a photo of the crash and they recognized of one of the vehicles involved.

"They obviously grew concerned and attended the scene and that scene was horrific in nature," explained Dal Hutchinson. "It's not how we want people to learn that their loved one had been injured or their loved one had been killed as a result of a collision."

He hopes people think stop and think about how they would feel if it were their loved one involved in the crash before posting pictures and details.

"We can appreciate that people want to take photos and we realize we can't control what people do, what photos they take and what they share on social media," he said.

At the very least, Hutchinson asks those taking pictures to delay sharing them. 

He explained when there is a fatal crash, officers are sent to the family's home to inform them in person. If there's a serious injury, they either go to the home or call the family to let them know they need to get to the hospital.

"We're asking people to allow us to do our job and notify people's families that they've been involved in a collision," said Hutchinson. "It's the proper thing to do, it's the respectful thing to do."


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