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HRM's new parking payment system expected to launch soon

Halifax Regional Municipality expects to finish installing the new technology by the end of today
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A parking pay station in HRM (Meghan Groff/

Parking meters are out and pay stations are in.

Halifax Regional Municipality expects to finish installing new technology on Thursday that will change the way we pay for parking.

The municipality's manager of parking services said our meters were reaching the point where they needed to be replaced and the new system will give Haligonians more options.

"It's a pay-by-plate, pay-by-zone system, so it gives residents a lot more flexibility for both duration of how long they park, how they wish to pay -- they can pay by coin, they can pay by debit, they can pay by credit or with their smart phone -- and then it also gives them flexibility to move about the zone where they parked," Victoria Horne explained.

Parts of the peninsula have been divided up into zones  A, B, C, D, E, F and G. It will cost $2 an hour to park for the first two hours and $6 an hour after that, with a maximum of 4 hours in any zone.

Downtown Dartmouth is Zone H, which will cost $1.50 an hour for the first two hours and $4 an hour after that, with a maximum of 4 hours in the zone.

Parking Pay Zones Map_1-page-001HRM's new parking zones
Horne said just park in a paid spot and find the pay station.
"All you need to know is what zone you've parked in, which would be clearly indicated on the sign where you parked, and your licence plate, then you can go on your way," Horne said. "You don't need to return back to your vehicle, you don't need to display a receipt."

If you use the HotSpot app, you can log your session there and you don't have to find a pay station.

"It will be learning curve for residents and we recognize that," Horne added. "Working with our enforcement group, we're ensuring that the first couple of weeks is more about education than enforcement."

Horne said even though it's expected the final pay stations will be installed by the end of the day, work still continues behind the scenes to make sure the new system is working properly.

She expects it to officially launch in early fall and says a specific date will be announced soon.

"Until the project launches, residents will be able to park for free in those unrestricted areas, but we do ask that they be neighbourly to the businesses and keep their parking sessions to a maximum of two hours," said Horne.

More information on the new parking system can be found online.

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