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HRM Waste Reduction Week leads into plastic bag ban

Education on alternatives to plastic bags are part of this week’s events
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A garbage bag rejected by waste collection crews. (Meghan Groff/

This week, it’s your chance to talk trash.

That’s because now through Sunday is Waste Reduction week, internationally, and here in HRM. 

The week started off on Monday with a seminar on food reduction, and will have more events during the week.

With the plastic bag ban coming into effect on October 30th, there will be a webinar on Wednesday to teach people alternatives and how to reduce their single use plastics. 

Kirk Symonds is Team Lead-Education & Program Delivery, Solid Waste Resource with HRM.

He says Waste Reduction Week is a good opportunity for people to get a refresher from professionals, rather than getting their information from less reliable sources.

“Despite the fact that we have websites, we’re offering webinars, people will call their brothers, uncle, hairdressers, mechanic for recycling information, and they’re usually wrong,” says Symonds.

He says sometimes it can be as simple as reminding people about a rule they’ve been pushing for years, which is to follow the 3 Rs.

“We want people to reduce the amount of waste they produce in the first place, we want them to reuse as much of it as possible, and when we talk about recycling, we want the minimum amount of waste in there,” he says. 

There will also be a shredding event happening on Saturday morning in the lower parking lot of Mic Mac Mall.

This will be a non-contact event where staff will take sensitive documents from people’s cars, straight to the shredder. 

For more information about Waste Reduction Week, visit

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