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HRM committee to ponder pup poop

Deputy Mayor Tony Mancini will be requesting a staff report that would explore options for the disposal of pet waste
Waterloo dog waste recycling
File photo. Jeff Pickel/KitchenerToday

When Halifax Regional Municipality's Environment and Sustainability Standing Committee meets Thursday afternoon, dog poop will be on the agenda.

Deputy Mayor Tony Mancini will be requesting a staff report that would explore options for the disposal of pet waste. 

Mancini said it was council's discussion on banning single-use plastics that prompted the poop proposal.

"A lot of residents reached out and said, 'Look, I really support the idea of getting rid of single-use plastic bags, however I use them for my dog waste, so what am I supposed to do now?'" he explained on NEWS 95.7's The Rick Howe Show.

He wants staff to explore why Haligonians can't dispose their pet's poop in green bins, something that is allowed in other municipalities.

Mancini would also like to explore the idea of turning dog waste into biogas.

In 2017, Waterloo, Ont. launched a "poop power" pilot project at some of their parks.

The city was one of the first municipalities to try out the program. 

Pet owners drop dog waste into a receptacle, which is then picked up by a vacuum truck and converted into energy and nitrogen liquid fertilizer.

According to, in the first 18-months of the Waterloo program, almost eight tonnes of dog waste had been collected in the community, removing close to one metric tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere.


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