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Future of single-use plastics to be debated Thursday

A staff report is recommending HRM adopt a trial voluntary approach to cut down on single-use plastics
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When the municipality's Environment and Sustainability Standing Committee meets Thursday afternoon, they'll be discussing the future of single-use plastics in HRM.

A staff report is recommending HRM adopt a trial voluntary approach, which would urge residents and businesses to cut down on bags, utensils, cups, containers, straws and other waste items.

If after a year, that doesn't seem to be working, then a full ban could be implemented.

Committee chair Tony Mancini isn't confident a voluntary plastic cut-back would work.

"My concern about that is, not everybody will participate," he told NEWS 95.7's The Rick Howe Show. "Industry all along has said they'd much prefer, if we're going to do this, a province-wide ban."

"We had asked to province of Nova Scotia to do that. The current minister came back and said 'We're not going to do that,' and we really didn't get an explanation on why, and that's very frustrating."

However, Mancini said other municipalities have indicated, if HRM bans single-use plastics, they will follow the lead.


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