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Engage Nova Scotia survey aims to measure quality of life

Around 1-in-5 households in Nova Scotia will be invited to participate in a survey measuring a wide range of topics that contribute to happiness
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Engage Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Community College want to hear about your quality of life. 

They have partnered up to send out invitations to roughly 1-in-five households in Nova Scotia to participate in a survey measuring a wide range of topics that contribute to happiness. 

Engage Nova Scotia's Danny Graham said the project asks how people feel they are doing in eight areas, including living standards, education, time use, leisure and culture. 

They worked with the Canadian Index of Wellbeing at the University of Waterloo to come up with the questions.

"How was your sleep last night? Do you feel you have good access to health care services and is it good quality? Are you spending time with your family? What's your commute like? Do you have time in nature? Do you have clean water and clean air?," Graham outlined.

He told NEWS 95.7's The Rick Howe Show no other province has done this extensive of an examination on quality of life.

"In this case, what's completely different is that in every region of the province we have teams that have been organized, over 100 people actively working to drive participation, so they can use the data to improve the economic and social circumstances in their region," Graham explained.

"It shines a light on many of the biggest challenges we have in this province."

They hope the answers will help them examine issues which can be measured, tracked and improved. 

"We want to know, what's the lived experience for example, for people with low incomes, or youth, or with disabilities in our region, and if they are failing, let's find the solutions that begin to address this."

Graham said traditionally, much of the information used to make decisions that affect the daily lives of Nova Scotians has been based on economic data. 

He said while this data isn't wrong, it is incomplete and that this survey will help give the full picture.

It should take about 30 minutes to complete and the information gathered will be used for years to come.

Katie Hartai

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In addition to being a reporter for NEWS 95.7 and, Katie is the producer of The Rick Howe Show
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