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Council accepts 26 recommendations on ways to improve Halifax Regional Police service

Regional Council accepted 26 recommendations, and rejected three from the HRM wide review conducted by a third party organization

Regional Council is greenlighting 26 of 29 recommendations that came before them yesterday in a report on ways Halifax Regional Police can improve their services, and make them more efficient.

Police Chief Dan Kinsella telling NEWS 95.7 he's worked recently to learn the organization, and see how and where they are deploying staff, and resources.

Kinsella says when it comes to the reorganzation of senior management - one of his first tasks when he was hired mid 2019 - he has streamlined the entire system that starts with his position, then flows down through two deputy chiefs who are responsible for Operations, and Support respectively.

He says Support is the Administrative branch, the other is Policing Operations.

"The operational branch is patrol, criminal investigation, those areas, and the administrative branch will have support, and administration," explains Kinsella. "And the organizational chart really balances out the workload across the organization and allows for better accountability."

He says it also allows for those areas that need a direct line to the chief, it has that built in there. Kinsella says the new structure means "we have appropriate lines of command, oversight, accountability, and risk management measures in place."

"I believe the new organizational structure will bring that, with the two deputy positions, and the four superintendent positions overseeing four separate pillars," adds Kinsella.

Those pillars are Patrol, Investigative Support Operations, Support, and Administration Support, according to the new organizational chart.

Kinsella adds another recommendation from the report is to have nine sworn HRP member positions changed to civilian ones. He says those positions could be in Human Resources, IT, and the Evaluation of Electronic Intelligence, but insists they will be working within the confines of policing needs, and collective bargaining requirements to ensure they have the right people, in the right positions, with the appropriate skills.

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