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Charity urging residents to create emergency kits for pets ahead of Hurricane Teddy

DART Nova Scotia recommends residents put together a 72-hour emergency kit that includes food, food bowls that are not breakable, medications, identifications and possibly a favorite toy

As people put together their 72-hour emergency kits ahead of Hurricane Teddy, the Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia is reminding residents not to forget their pets.

DART Nova Scotia's Communications Director Catherine Stevens says in case of prolonged power outages or evacuations,  people need to ensure pets have enough supports for three days.

That would include food, food bowls that are not breakable, medications, identifications and possibly a favourite toy.

She adds that carriers and leashes are essential.

"A lot of people will take their pets out and just hold them in their arms," said Stevens. "You don't want to do that. You want to have them in a secure carrier or on a leash because if something were to blow by and scare them, they could jump out of your arms and bolt."

She added another essential item for pet owners with high-anxiety animals  are calming treats and medications.  

"We always recommend that your veterinarian is the best source for any advice for your pet so make sure you check the ingredient list and maybe check it out with your vet to make sure they're going to be suitable for your pet to take first."

She added its important for owners to prepare kits for pets in advance, as evacuations often happen without much notice.

As of Monday morning, Environment Canada has issued a wind warning for the Halifax region. A tropical storm warning a special weather statement remains in effect.

DART Nova Scotia is a charitable organization in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross helping animals affected by emergencies and natural disasters.

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