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Cannabis edibles sales slow largely due to lack of supply: Nova Scotia Finance Minister

Despite slow start, Nova Scotia Finance Minister Karen Casey says there is demand for cannabis edibles
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NSLC Cannabis store on Clyde St. (Meghan Groff/

Nova Scotia's Finance Minister says the slow sale of cannabis edibles at the NSLC is largely due to a lack of supply.

Since the NSLC received shipments of cannabis edibles in late December, sales have not been particularly swift, but according to Finance Minister Karen Casey, that's due to a number of factors.

"Sales have been slow, and it's based on supply, and no different than when we entered into this process last year, it was hard to determine what the demand would be," explains Casey. "It's also, we recognize that suppliers have been waiting for some regulations from the federal government about what they can produce, and what we can sell."

However, she maintains despite the slow start, there is a demand for the products.

"The supply has been slow, but it's gone quickly, so that tells us there is demand, and the suppliers are recognizing there is demand, so as we ramp up they know what consumers are looking for, and they will make their production accordingly," says Casey.

She does admit she's not sure when supply will meet demand.

"We don't know that, that's the unknown, that's no different than any new product, but there will be a balance, and we expect that as suppliers are aware of what consumers want, they'll make that supply available," says Casey. "Our consumers will help make that balance."

The province says the total sales from its first seven business days of business with edibles between December 21st and 29th amounted to more than $192,000. It says the cost for the NSLC to prepare for the introduction of edibles was $2.7 million.


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