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Canadian students 'elect' Liberal minority government in simulated poll

In Nova Scotia, students elected 5 Liberals, 4 Greens and 2 NDP candidates
(Courtesy of Student Vote Canada 2019)

Canadians over the age of 18 weren't the only ones who elected a Liberal minority government.

More than 1.1 million elementary and secondary schools in all 338 federal ridings voted in a national simulated election called Student Vote Canada 2019.

While Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party took 157 seats last night, he only won 110 in the student vote, including his own riding of  Papineau. The Liberals ended up with 22.3 per cent of the popular vote in the mock poll.

The students picked the NDP to form the official opposition with 99 seats and 24.8 per cent of the popular vote. Leader Jagmeet Singh also won his seat in Burnaby South.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about the difference between a first-past-the-post electoral system versus proportional representation as the Conservative Party took 25.1 per cent of the popular vote, but came third with 94 seats. Andrew Scheer won his seat in Regina-Qu'Appelle.

Elizabeth May also won her seat in Saanich-Gulf Islands, with the Green Party coming away with 18.2 per cent of the popular vote and 28 seats.

Unlike in the federal election where Yves-François Blanchet grabbed more than 50 per cent of the support in his riding, in the student vote, the Bloc Québecois leader failed to win his Beloeil-Chambly seat. His party had 1.3 per cent of popular vote and won 9 seats.

If you're double checking the math and wondering why the seats add up to 340, two ridings in Ontario finished in a tie.

Student Vote Canada 2019 gave kids across the country a chance to learn about the electoral process, research parties and platforms, debate the issues, and at some schools, host candidate debates before casting their ballots.

Non-partisan group Civix teamed up with Elections Canada to provide registered schools with riding maps, ballots and ballot boxes free of charge to hold their parallel elections.

In Nova Scotia, students elected 5 Liberals, 4 Greens and 2 NDP candidates.

Here's how students in ridings in and around HRM voted:

Central Nova

Liberal Sean Fraser - 32.08% with 933 votes 
NDP Betsy MacDonald - 23.69% with 689 votes    
Conservative George Canyon - 20.74% with 603 votes
Green Party Barry Randle - 13.58% with 395 votes
Communist Chris Frazer - 5.43% with 158 votes
People's Party Al Muir - 3.06% with 89 votes
Independent Michael Slowik - 1.41% with 41 votes

Dartmouth-Cole Harbour

NDP Emma Norton - 35.73% with 1,261 votes
Liberal Darren Fisher - 27.60% with 974 votes
Green Party Lil MacPherson - 18.02% with 636 votes
Conservative Jason Cole - 15.25% with 538 votes
People's Party Michelle Lindsay - 3.40% with 120 votes


Liberal Andy Fillmore - 31.32% with 1,081 votes
Green Party Jo-Ann Roberts - 29.17% with 1,007 votes
NDP Christine Saulnier - 20.92% with 722 votes
Conservative Bruce Holland - 9.65% with 333 votes
Animal Protection Party Bill Wilson - 6.29% with 217 votes
People's Party Duncan McGenn - 2.67% with 92 votes

Halifax West

Liberal Geoff Regan - 31.03% with 1,575 votes
Green Party Richard Zurawski - 28.39% with 1,441 votes
NDP Jacob Wilson - 27.19% with 27.19% with 1,380 votes
Conservative Fred Shuman - 13.38% with 679 votes


Liberal Kody Blois - 29.03% with 1,042 votes
Green Party Brogan Anderson - 26.32% with 945 votes
NDP Stephen Schneider - 21.92% with 787 votes
Conservative Martha MacQuarrie - 12.76% with 458
Parti Rhinocéros Party Nicholas Tan -  4.71% with 169 votes
People's Party Matthew Southall - 3.20% with 115 votes
Veterans Coalition Party Stacey Dodge - 2.06% with 74 votes


Green Party Anthony Edmonds - 32.71% with 801 votes
NDP Matt Stickland - 24.21% with 593 votes
Liberal Darrell Samson- 22.46% with 550 votes
Conservative Kevin Copley - 15.84% with 338 votes
People's Party Sybil Hogg - 4.78% with 117 votes

South Shore-St. Margarets

Green Party Thomas Trappenberg - 27.21% with 1,103 votes
NDP Jessika Hepburn - 22.92% with 929 votes
Liberal Bernadette Jordan - 21.44% with 869 votes
Conservative Rick Perkins - 15.49% with 628 votes
People's Party Robert Monk - 3.60% with 146 votes
Independent Steven Foster - 3.60% with 146 votes
Veterans Coalition Party Jason Matthews - 2.39% with 97 votes
Christian Heritage Party Kevin Schulthies - 1.83% with 74 votes
Independent Shawn McMahon - 1.53% with 62 votes

You can find the results from each individual school by clicking here.

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