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Bernadette Jordan re-elected in South Shore-St. Margarets

Jordan became the first woman representing Nova Scotia in the federal cabinet earlier this year
102119-Bernadette Jordan
Bernadette Jordan at her election night victory party (Matthew Moore/

Liberal incumbent Bernadette Jordan has been re-elected in South Shore-St. Margarets.

At her election night party, Jordan said her track record contributed to her win, but she gave a lot of credit for her victory to her team.

"We knocked on tens of thousands of doors, we made thousands of phone calls, we had hundreds of signs," she told reporters. "We were really out there and that's what paid off. It's the ground game."

Jordan was first elected as MP of the riding in 2015.

When she was appointed Minister of Rural Economic Development earlier this year, she became the first woman representing Nova Scotia in the federal cabinet.

She now becomes the only Liberal to be elected twice in her riding, but she said she can't take all the credit.

"It was a Progressive Conservative riding and the change in the Conservative Party, I think, has translated to some votes for us," she explained. "Plus, don't forget the boundaries changed in the last election as well, and we took over a big part of Geoff Regan's riding, so there's been quite a shift in a lot of different things."

As of 1:15 a.m. with 255 of 260 polls reporting, Jordan has 41.66 per cent of the vote with 20,922 votes.

The Conservative's Rick Perkins has 14,152 votes, the NDP's Jessika Hepburn has 8,029 and the Green Party's Thomas Trappenberg has 5,726.

The People's Party of Canada's Robert Monk has 630, Independent Steven Foster has 367, Independent Shawn McMahon has 157, Christian Heritage Party's Kevin Schulthies has 118 and Veterans Coalition Party's Jason Matthews has 115.


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