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Activists say real change on street checks requires black youth at the table

They say real change requires youth at the table
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Following a rally to ban street checks, black youth in Nova Scotia say they need a seat at the table if meaningful change is going to happen.

A panel of a black and African Nova Scotian community activists tells NEWS 95.7 they're disappointed youth were not present when the report on street checks was released.

And they say real change requires youth at the table.

Trayvon Clayton says youth need to be consulted in a meaningful way with policy makers, because it's black youth who are being affected.

"So I think the youth should be the ones to speak on it because we're going to experience it," said Clayton. "You see the numbers, 0-35 is where it's most dominant."

Kate MacDonald is a community activist, and says when youth are being targeted by street checks, they should be consulted

"I always think that there should be more community involvement and more young voices amplified, especially when you look at who's most affected," MacDonald said.

"Black men and black women should be at the table when it's decisions that are going to affect them," offered DeRico Symonds.

As for what's next for the group in the wake of the street check report, Clayton says there are plans, meetings have been requested.

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