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A John Hughes classic and an Ethan Hawke cult film: This week’s best and biggest on Netflix

Check out Jordan Parker's 'The week's best and biggest on Netflix' every Friday on

Check out Jordan Parker's "The week's best and biggest on Netflix" every Friday on

Patch Adams

I don’t think there is any actor I truly felt connected to more than Robin Williams.

The late, great thespian had the fortune and talent to be able to switch deftly between comedy and drama, mastering both before his passing.

It feels bittersweet now to watch his films and remember a man gone too soon, but he was a true great. Patch Adams is among his most funny work.

He stars as real-life doctor Patch Adams, who was convinced he could cure people with humour and good vibes.

It may not rank among his Oscar work, but it’s a great display of the genuine screen presence he always carried.

4/5 Stars


This is one of the few blockbuster action films that gets by with a bit more subtlety than the explosive Michael Bay type.

It focuses on two storm chasers — in the middle of tumultuous relationship issues — who are constantly dealing with huge changes in the weather.

When an insane twister threatens to rip through, Bill and Jo must create a weather alert system against all odds.

It’s a visually stunning film that is a joy to watch. Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton are fantastic here, and it’s a nostalgic trip for '80s and '90s kids for sure.

4/5 Stars


I watched this film on a whim this week, despite its 5.9 IMDb rating, and I’m so glad I did.

From director J.D. Dillard — who was also a co-writer — comes this stylish and intelligent drama that surprises at every turn.

It follows a young man dealing with the loss of his mother who supports himself and his young sister by doing magic on the street. But at night, he sells drugs to also make ends meet.

But Bo gets in over his head and must do everything possible to protect his girlfriend and family.

The cast, full of character actors, features a strong starring turn from The Chi’s Jacob Latimore, Seychelle Gabriel and a young Storm Reid.

It’s an interesting endeavour that truly floored me in ways I couldn’t imagine.

4/5 Stars


This sci-fi flick is a major cut above so many in the genre, and it absolutely blew my mind.

When a character named The Barkeep receives his final assignment to pursue a criminal through time, he faces challenges he never expected.

It’s a time-jumping adventure that never lets up, with a script that is completely original.

Written and directed by The Spierig Brothers, Michael and Peter, they bring their vision to life.

A-list actor Ethan Hawke headlines and pulls through an amazing performance, with wonderful supporting turns from Sarah Snook, Noah Taylor and Christopher Kirby.

It’s a completely unique film that you’ll likely not forget.

4/5 Stars

Weird Science

My father has been harping on me to see this 1980s classic comedy for years, and now I finally see why.

In Weird Science, two hapless high school nerds create a woman using a computer, and their lives are changed forever by her arrival.

Writer-director John Hughes created a cult classic here, and save for a few scenes, it still holds up 35-odd years later.

The film struck me in large part due to its cast. Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith are hilarious and well-matched as our nerds.

Kelly LeBrock is beautiful and full of surprises, and a young Robert Downey Jr. is our typical high school jock terrorizing the two boys.

But it’s the late Bill Paxton — who shows up on these lists a lot lately — who gives a memorable performance as older brother Chet, a rude, crude display compared to Mitchell-Smith’s Wyatt.

Weird Science is absolutely hilarious and has a whole lot of heart, and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

4/5 Stars

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