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A bravura Christopher Plumber showcase and a great spin on a classic werewolf tale: Netflix’s best and biggest

Check out Jordan Parker's 'The week's best and biggest on Netflix' every Friday on

Check out Jordan Parker's 'The week's best and biggest on Netflix' every Friday on

The Fate of the Furious

Ah, the Fast & the Furious Franchise. We now sit at the eighth installment, and yet, this one features some of the best action sequences of any of the films.

What started as a one-off actioner focusing on cars, NOS, and teenaged boys’ love of cars and girls blossomed into a bromance mega-franchise that catapulted stars Paul Walker and Vin Diesel into superstardom.

With a reboot, courtesy of Fast Five, actor Dwayne Johnson added his considerable charm to the cast. But with Furious 7, some real dramatic heft was added to the franchise when series star Paul Walker died in a real-life car crash. The cast and crew rallied and made the seventh film a swan-song for the actor, in his last performance for the Furious films.

What was a perfect ending in the seventh instalment could have been ruined with Fate, if not for the fact its so entertaining, wildly fun, and has the same warm, family-comes-first theme that made the earlier films so great.

Adding Jason Statham and Kurt Russell, this is another fantastic entry, even without the wonderful Paul Walker.

4/5 Stars

The Wolfman

This incarnation of the classic tale takes an intense, serious approach to the material, which will either make you wish for a campy style, or reel you right in.

When a man returns to his homeland, he’s bitten and cursed by a werewolf in this 2010 film with an incredible cast.

Benicio Del Toro – in all his glory – is the perfect Wolfman and gives a fantastic performance. The Oscar winner is incredible here, and with the film garnering its own gold for best makeup, he looks pretty spooky.

The venerable Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving round out the stylish creature feature.

It’s a dark gorefest, but definitely worth a watch.

3.5/5 Stars

The F Word (alternate title What If)

Daniel Radcliffe did anything and everything to escape from the clutches of typecasting when Harry Potter concluded.

From being naked on Broadway to playing a Nazi, he’s done it all. But this little romantic comedy right here may just be his most likeable performance.

He plays Wallace, tired of terrible relationships, who meets the girl of his dreams in Chantry (Zoe Kazan). But there’s just one problem: Chantry has a big, hulking boyfriend in the way of a potential romance.

What plays out like a modern day – if not as original – When Harry Met Sally is a splendid, heart-warming film that showcases the two leads, as well as some great supporting performances from Mackenzie Davis, Animal Kingdon’s Rafe Spall, and a hilarious turn from Adam Driver.

It’s a great time and boasts an eclectic cast. Enjoy this one for all it’s worth.

4/5 Stars


This film came from absolutely nowhere, and floored me for weeks.

Christopher Plummer gives an Oscar-worthy role as Zav Guttman, an Auschwitz survivor who goes to track down the man who killed his family.

The thespian is absolutely divine as the elderly man with dementia – who uses a hand-written letter to remember what his mission is – and the explosive ending is fraught with intrigue.

Martin Landau is sublime as fellow survivor, and Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris proves he’s way more than a one-hit wonder as the suspect’s son.

Atom Egoyan – famed Canadian provocateur – directs this incredible experience of a film.

4.5/5 Stars


If I had’ve known Jim from The Office could direct like this, I’d have started paying more attention to him years ago.

John Krasinski directs and co-stars in this family drama about a man who returns to his small hometown to learn his mother is ill.

It’s one of the most touching, deeply emotional films I’ve ever seen, and one barely anyone I know has seen.

With a cast that includes District 9’s Shartlo Copley, Charlie Day, Richard Jenkins, Margo Martindale, and Anna Kendrick, it’s one of the best-cast flicks I’ve seen.

Each one of the ensemble plays their part perfectly, and this is a landmark film that will have you laughing – and crying – through the whole run-time. Trust me, it will get you right in the in the centre of your heart.

5/5 Stars

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