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HRP hand out a dozen more tickets for COVID-19 violations

So far, regional police have responded to 1,402 COVID-19 related calls
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Halifax Regional Police have handed out 12 more tickets for violations of the province's Emergency Management Act and Health Protection Act since Friday.

Overall, 151 tickets have been issued by HRP since Premier Stephen McNeil declared a state of emergency. Most have been for being in a prohibited area.

All municipal parks, beaches, playgrounds and sports fields/courts are also closed until further notice.

In addition, provincial parks, beaches and tourist attractions are shut down.

Anyone parking in a lot that is part of a provincial or municipal park risks being ticketed and/or towed.

The fine for being in a prohibited area under the Emergency Management Act is $697.50.

The fine for violations under the Health Protection Act -- which include not practising social distancing or self-isolation -- is $7,500 for a business and $1,000 for a person.

So far, HRP have responded to 1,402 COVID-19 related calls.

"We advise members of the public to educate themselves on the directives and Covid-19 enforcement measures at," said police in a news release.

There's also information on HRM's website.

"Let's work together to curb the spread of the virus," police said.

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