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Adopt Me: Tinker is looking for his forever home

Born with physical deformities in his front legs, this special boy is seeking a home with no children or other animals
2021-04-06 AM Tinker
Tinker loves catnip and enjoys sharpening his claws using a horizontal scratch pad.

HalifaxToday, in partnership with the Dartmouth SPCA, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


Approx Age: 11 years
Gender: Male
Site: Dartmouth Tinker was left with family members when his owner passed away. Wanting to make sure he could find his forever home, Tinker was brought to the Dartmouth SPCA.

As you can see from his photos, Tinker was born with physical deformities in his front legs. This has caused ongoing pain including spondylosis and hip dysplasia. Because of these ongoing health concerns, Tinker will be on pain medication for the rest of his life to help keep him comfortable. He is in our Palliative care program. Palliative Care means the SPCA covers all medical expenses (through the shelters in house vet care), you as the adopter provide a full life with lots of love and snuggles! Tinker is seeking a home with no children or other animals.

He spent some time in a foster home and they said the following about him:

"With a bit of patience, it did not take long for Tinker to begin trusting us. Not letting his legs slow him down, he showed that he could pretty much do all the things that a normal cat can. Having no problem hopping up on a sofa, a chair or a bed as well as jumping down by himself. Although, I did help him at times when jumping down to ensure he didn't hurt his little legs. He loves catnip and enjoys sharpening his claws using a horizontal scratch pad. Wanting to be in the same room with people, he does not like to be left out and at time can be very vocal when he wants attention. While he can be overwhelmed by physical contact and may hiss or lash out, he still enjoyed having his head and cheek rubbed but only for a few seconds at a time. Even though he is a small cat, he definitely has a big personality! Tinker needs to be the only animal in the home. He would prefer a home with adults only as well he was not often exposed to children before coming to the SPCA. They are a bit too overwhelming for him."

Tinker is available for adoption from the Dartmouth SPCA, Interested in adopting? Read the next steps in the adoption process here:

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