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Adopt Me: Lovely Miele requires an experienced owner

There is a strict set of criteria that applicants must meet in order to adopt Miele and the other dogs she came in with

HalifaxToday, in partnership with the Dartmouth SPCA, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


The SPCA is seeking specialized adoption homes that meet strict criteria. The criteria will ensure the dogs best chance of success at long term rehabilitation. Preference will be given to forever homes and those homes able to best meet the needs of these dogs.

While the majority of these mixed breed dogs have come in initially shut down and fearful, after initial assessment and just a short time of intensive training and socialization by SPCA staff and expert volunteers under the supervision of a qualified dog trainer, some of the dogs are starting to make strides in their behaviour and socialization and show their potential, some strides are small while there are some dogs showing promising improvement.

For some of them, progress will continue to be slow. Simple every day tasks, such as walking on a leash or accepting human touch is a work in progress. Also, please be aware that there will be house training issues, especially at the beginning. We will be starting to seek forever homes for the dogs showing the most promising improvement, so that SPCA staff can focus on those that have a longer road ahead of them.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:
- No urban centers - a lot of traffic, noises and other stimuli are hard for them to process.
- Quiet home - as they will be learning many things for the first time, a busy environment would be too much for the dog to learn all at once.
- Children (living in or visiting the home) 16 years or older or adults only
- Dog experienced home - specifically having owned dogs of your own currently or in the past.
- Time to spend working on the rehabilitation plan which could include attending training sessions, speaking to a trainer over the phone or in person. This will help you to build the dogs confidence as they transition to living in a home environment.
- A meet and greet will be scheduled with your current dogs to meet the new potential dog.
- Fenced in back yard - some of these dogs will be a flight risk and will assist with house training.

Miele (about 17.7kg) is looking for a forever home. Ideally, her perfect place will be adults only. The family should be dog savvy, with previous experience owning their own dog(s).

There must be a fenced in yard as Miele is used to coming and going from an indoor/outdoor setting. A fenced-in yard will ensure she is safe and sticking close to home until you are able to bond and create reliable recall. When she gets to know you, she will make a wonderful addition to your home.

If you are interested in adopting, please understand that adopting Miele could be a slower process, requiring multiple meet and greets to assist in long-term success. Miele will need to work on some house training, also needs to work with walking on leash.

Miele comes from a home with multiple dogs, but has had no interactions with dogs outside of her previous home. We ask that potential homes have no small animals (cats or small dogs). If there is a dog, we ask that it is a confident adult that is well socialized with others. Our hope is that a dog like this will teach your new dog proper social skills and that their new life isn't so overwhelming.

Miele is available for adoption from the Dartmouth SPCA branch. Please specify this location when filling out your online adoption application.

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