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Adopt Me: Brodie is looking for an active owner

He would probably like to share his home with another dog

HalifaxToday, in partnership with the Dartmouth SPCA, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


Brodie was adopted from the Dartmouth SPCA. While his current owner loves him to no end, she knows that Brodie would be much happier in a more active home with a family that has plenty of time for this sweet boy.

Please read the following for some more information on Brodie to see if he may be the companion you and your family have been seeking.

Brodie is a six-year-old beagle/shepherd mix who is really pretty bored in his current home. He would love to find a home with a more active owner - a runner or biker who would take him for good runs, not just long walks. When he's chasing his ball outdoors, he's pure joy on four paws.

And he has his own unique way of returning the ball, by flicking it with his nose to roll it back to you. He'd probably like to share his home with another dog, since he gets along well at Camp Bow Wow.

Ten good things about Brodie:

  1. he's good-natured
  2. he's gentle with children, although he doesn't realize that he can knock them over with his leash
  3. he only chews on his bones and balls, not on furniture or shoes
  4. he will sit beside a full food dish if told to do so, at least for a minute or two
  5. he will let you take his dish away even when he's still eating
  6. he doesn't steal food off the counter, but will hover around in the kitchen hoping for a windfall
  7. he doesn't bite or snap at people
  8. he's not too big and not too small
  9. he gets along with other dogs if not restrained by leashes or pens, and will even let another dog take his bone
  10. he's lovable and loving

You should also know that:

  • he barks when something catches his interest (that good old hound-dog in him)
  • he gets over-excited when he meets other dogs on a walk
  • he's really strong and could pull you off your feet if you aren't paying attention (so he can't be taken for a walk by a child)
  • and he will take off if allowed to run free

Since Brodie is NOT currently located at the Dartmouth SPCA, please ask staff or volunteers for more information on how to go about meeting him!


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