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Adopt Me: Bam Bam and Chiquita

Since they have grown up together they are a bonded pair and must be adopted together
Bam Bam

HalifaxToday, in partnership with the Dartmouth SPCA, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.

Bam Bam and Chiquita

Meet Bam Bam and Chiquita. I bet they drew you in with their looks, but you'll stay for their personality! Please read this entire description and carefully consider whether their personality is the right match for your home situation and that you can provide for their specific needs.

This gorgeous pair are looking for a home together, in their previous home they were well loved and treated well, but due to the other animals in the home they are now looking for a new home.

Since they have grown up together they are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. They each have their own personality and enjoy spending time apart, but transitioning to a new home will be less stressful on them if they stay together.

Chiquita takes the lead and Bam Bam careful watches and protects her. Chiquita is about 3 years old, Bambam is about 2 years old.

Both are a tonne of personality in a small package. Both love playing with toys and cuddling with their humans, and enjoy exploring the yard or running around chasing each other. In the car they travel well but do not like being left alone (can be destructive). They tend to bark at even the slightest noise, so apartment living may not be ideal.

Bam Bam loves to cuddle and enjoys tummy rubs. Chiquita can be found burrowed under any blanket in the home to stay warm. They are amazing climbers/jumpers and have been jokingly been compared to cats in their jumping abilities.

They are looking for a home where someone is home with them most of the day due to some separation anxiety but with time once they settle in that should improve to where they can be left home alone for a few hours at a time.

Their house training has been inconsistent so they will need someone to work with them, taking them on constant pee breaks while they relearn. Definitely consider you will be working on house training just as winter is arriving! Adopters will need to be patient and understanding of possible accidents in the home.

They come from an adult only home, but have interacted with visiting children ages 5 and up. The best home would be with children older than 8 years old, because Bam Bam has some resource guarding behaviour over his toys. He gives good warnings but everyone in the home must be able to understand and respect his warnings.

They have been fostered in a home with cats, and are interested in their feline friends and the occasional game of chase, but overall get along just fine with cats, Chiquita in particular would love to have feline friends as she thinks they are very interested, but she doesn't understand why some cats just don't like her unwanted advances.

With other dogs they can be peculiar and particular of their friends. When on leash they behave very poorly, barking and growling, and then may redirect on each other. However with slow, separate introductions to other dogs they have learned to adapt and get along with the other dog, you must be experienced in how to observe a dogs body language if you expect this pair to make new doggie friends.

Bam bam may be a small dog but he doesn't remember that most of the time, and will challenge much larger dogs. They are certainly not suitable for dog park type interactions or off leash parks.

Bam bam is also protective of his friend Chiquita and dog interactions should always be supervised but with time and some careful oversight most dog interactions will be successful as long as the other dog is not too pushy.

If you feel you can work with their needs and lavish them with the love and attention they deserve, you will be rewarded with amazing devoted companions who are always up for an adventure and never want to leave your side.

They are currently in a foster home, to meet Bam Bam and Chiquita you must submit an application and schedule an appointment. Contact us today at or 902-468-7877 for more information.


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